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Free WordPress Tutorial Series - Basic to Advance - 01

Free WordPress Tutorial Series - Basic to Advance - 01

In the video and blog tutorial series we are going to teach you the most popular and used CMS in the world at this time and it is WordPress.

This tutorial series is going to be Free WordPress tutorial series.

Now you can think there has many tutorial and paid courses so why you should come here and check our website and YouTube channel?

Well, you should come and check out blog and videos because we are going to use a unique, time efficiencies and faster way to learn WordPress professionally.

So, how we are going to teach you?

Free WordPress Training
So, how we are going to teach you?

Here you will get the answer about our roadmap of teaching technique and if you check our videos, it will be clearer to you.

We have a proper roadmap what we are going to follow on this tutorial series and here it is

01: Structure of a website

a) What is the base to start a website

b) How a website is structured

c) Structure a few webpages in Illustrator to understand structure system

02: How to structure in HTML

          a) How to start with HTML

          b) Structure a few webpages in HTML

03: How to apply CSS

a) How to start with CSS

b) Apply CSS on a few html pages to make it look like real webpage

04: Design a few real webpages using HTML and CSS

05: Responsive webpage using Media Query

          a) Make the pages responsive we made using HTML and CSS

06: Load Google Fonts

a)       Load Google fonts on the HTML webpage we made.

07: Load Font awesome

a)       Load Font awesome on the HTML webpage we made to design some social icon

08: WordPress Basic

a)       How to install WordPress

i) How to install WordPress manually

ii) How to install WordPress automatically using cPanel

b)      Introduce with WordPress Dashboard

c)       Theme and Plugins

d)      WordPress Users

e)       WordPress Basic Settings

f)       WordPress Page and Post

g)       WordPress Taxonomy – Category and Tag

09: Page Builder Basic

a)       How to install a page builder and start with it

b)      Introduce with Oxygen as a page builder

09: How to structure a website using a page builder

a)       Basic settings and how to start with it

b)      Design Header and Footer using page builder

c)       Design a webpage using page builder

d)      How to design a blog using page builder

10: Custom Post Type

a)       What is CPT (Custom Post Type)

b)      How to create a CPT (Custom Post Type)

11: Custom Taxonomy

a)       What is Custom Taxonomy

b)      How to create and connect Custom Taxonomy with a CPT

12: Advanced Custom Fields

a)       What is ACF (Advanced Custom Fields)

b)      How to create extra fields using ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) and connect with post post/post type

c)       How to output ACF – field data

13: WooCommerce

a)       How to install and setup setting of WooCommerce

b)      How to add products properly in WooCommerce

c)       How to output product data using page builder

d)      How to connect payment method using WooCommerce

14: Real Project

  1. A few of my real project

Training Module

Course Module 01
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Course Module 02
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Course Module 03
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So, Let’s start with this Free WordPress tutorial series and enhance your skill.

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